House with statue of Michealango' DavidView of Mas Cabardes from the calvaryLong distance view of Mas CabardesMas Cabardes octagonal church tower  
Mas Cabardes - Aude

David Weir
There is nothing in this life that tempts fate more than to ask a writer to talk about himself. After all, it's the thing that writers do best. So when Brian asked me to pen a few words about being a writer in Mas Cabardes he was almost bowled over in my headlong rush towards my brand new sixty euro tablet

In truth, much of a writer's life is taken up with his perception of how a writer should live ; the long walks, the endless gazing from a first floor window, the regular ingestion of alcohol and, of course, the tell-tale traces of white powder around the nostrils, being a dead give-away that he's been sniffing round the lightly dusted oven scones.

Mas Cabardes is very much a microcosm, one of life's little fish bowls and therefore a marvellous place in which to quietly sit back and observe. There is a timeless quality about the village, "hunkered down amongst the surrounding mountains" as one travel writer once memorably and aptly described it. Remove the motor cars and it could be back in the sixteenth century.  

So be prepared to read about yourself soon. As a sackcloth clad peasant, perhaps?

Davids latest publication 'Bravefart'  is availiable both in print form in the UK £2.99 from all good newsagents and booksellers and can be downloaded from Amazon here .  With luck it will even work on a sixty euro tablet!


Our other creative writer is Mike Timms who when not active with acting has written several radio plays which have been broadcast on Irish Radio.  Two plays are available Cross Purposes  and The sorting office of the universe