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Mas Cabardes - Aude

Gerard Kochert
It is with deep regret that we advise you of the passing of Gerard Kochert last week following a long illness.  He was a well known and much loved figure in the village, as a Councillor, 2eme Adjoint, petanque player and secretary to many of the community committees.

His gentle smile and deprecating sense of humour will be greatly missed and we send our deepest sympathies to Annie and the family

 28 March 2019
Gilbert Batlle, Gerard Kochert, Marc  Gatimel,  David Doria and Jacques Senegas have all tendered their resignations to the Préfecture. It is understood that the Préfecture must respond within the next two weeks. Most probably this means that there will need to be elections for a further four councillors shortly after the European Parliament elections.  A copy of the resignation letter is available here

24/03/2019 Unexpected Election Drama In Mas Cabardès
As we reported earlier there were two lists for the council elections. One provided by the Mayor and the other by Denis Le Coz (Deputy mayor). There was also an indepedent candidate Ralph Waller. Only one of the mayor's candidates was elected on the first round while two of the opposition were elected.

The embattled M..Batlle did battle with his opponents. He sent a letter to every house in the village saying that the elections were an expression of democracy but also a conspiracy. A copy of his letter is  available here

He said that in the the run off election for a the last seat on the council he would not field another candidate but that voters should spoil their ballot papers so that the opposition party's candidate would not get the requisite fifty percent of the votes. He further suggested that he might resign if another oppositition candidate was elected. 

A public meeting was called at which many forceful opinions were expressed.  Some photos of the meeting are here .  

An account of the meeting is also available in L'Independent here

On the following day voting took place and the count was well attended. Denis Le Coz and Gilbert Batlle each opened one of the padlocks on the ballot box. Then Gilert produced a white wooden box and showed it round to everyone to ensure that it was empty. We almost expected him to produce a white rabbit from it.  Then each voting envelope was taken from the ballot box by Denis and handed to Gilbert who put it in the white box. This process counted the envelopes. There were 106.

The tension increased as Gilbert opened each envelope and handed it and the voting slip to Denis who called out the result of that vote. The results were put in separate piles.

The final result were
Olga Barreiros 59,
Ralph Waller 8,
Ernest Ferroul 1,
Spoiled ballots 7
Empty envelopes 32.

The votes were verfied by the tellers Alan Semat and Celine Martin.
This was a good turnout as the total electorate is 144.
Photos of election night are here.

19/03/2019 Election Of New Councillors
Four years after the last local elections, four members of the Council have now resigned the most recent being Christine Daux. The Prefecture had therefore requested a by-election be held for the four vacant posts. Two lists of candidates were presented the first sponsored by the Mayor, an all male list and the second led by Anne Richmond, an all female list.
The first election was held on 17th March and three candidates were immediately elected to the Council.
Anne Richmond : 63 votes
Céline Martin : 61 votes
Jacques Sénégas: 60 votes

The votes for the remaining candidates were
René Lopez  58
Dominique Auchard: 57
Roger Moreno : 57
Paulette Pielquin : 56
Olga Barreiros : 50

There will be a run off election next Sunday for the final place. Every candidate received 50 votes or more which was very impressive. The successful candidates will be in post till next year when the main 6 yearly local elections will take place.

The official French web site provided by the Mairie is now available here  

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Mas Cabardès is a village in the Montagne Noire with a year round population of approximately 200 people. In summer there is a significant increase of population due to the summer visitors. There are also a number of expatriates who own houses in Mas Cabardes. This site is maintained by one. The expatriate community comes for a wide range of places, England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, USA, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, The Netherlands and Belgium. The one common factor about them is their love for the village and respect for its native inhabitants

Some Brief Details

Mayor: M. Gilbert BATLLE (elected April 2014)

Postcode: 11380
Dialing Code: +33 (0)4 68
Population: 202 (2010)
Region: Langueoc Roussillon
Department: Aude

Elevation: 293 -918 metres
Average Elevation 305 metres